The GeoBender® Cube is a complex 3D magnetic puzzle. Each GeoBender® Cube consists of 12 pyramids. Each pyramid has 3 magnets. The individual pyramids are connected by hinges to form a chain or a ring. With the joints, the GeoBender® Cube can be transformed into various shapes. The magnets form solid contiguous shapes.


GeoBender® offers an excellent opportunity for in-school teaching.

Every cube exists of 12 pyramids, 12 hages, and 36 magnets.

The construction roster of each element (picture left) is very easy and shows in a beautiful way the square root.

One, the square root of 2, and the square root of 3.


Due to the integrated hinges, the GeoBender® Cube can be transformed into more than 70 different shapes. Some of them are rigid, and some are flexible.

It takes some practice to understand the possibilities and necessary changes in this unique puzzle.




But the extraordinary thing is, that GeoBender®’s powerful magnetism makes it a highly exciting construction game. The magic begins as soon as you connect several cubes to create a geometric structure of high complexity and beauty.

A complete set of 4

Let’s start the magic, and combine 4 GeoBender® Cubes.

Why is it so special?

Throughout my journey and exploration of geometry, I have not found a more magical tool to discover the hidden dimension of structure and space than the GeoBender® Cubes. It combines the features of some of the most successful toys.

The stackability of Lego, the magnetic properties of magnatiles, the complex challenge of a Rubik’s Cube, and the artistic versatility of Tangram.


In my opinion, most important, is the experience of geometric values and proportions through tangible experience.

Und meiner Meinung nach am wichtigsten ist die Erfahrung von geometrischen Werten und Proportionen durch eine greifbare Erfahrung.

Other appearances of the cube

Cutting a cube along its diagonal to create a 12-piece puzzle has been done by like-minded people for a long time. The cube is one of the existing (if not the most common) archetypes.

According to my research, for at least half a century, there has been a disassembly and connection of cubes as used for the GeoBender® Cube.

Playing and producing for personal use is one thing, to bring it to a production level a completely different one. I would like to mention two cases in which this happened here:

Cubus X

The CubusX is a cube-transformation that does not use any magnets. It was on the market for a long time but unfortunately it is not produced anymore. It is still available on a few online-shops for a price of approximately $30, I can recommend the product!

Yoshimoto-Cube # 2

The artist Naoki Yoshimoto developed in the seventies in his exploration of the cube both the Yoshimito cube # 1, (now known as “STAR CUBE”) as well as the Yoshimoto cube # 2.

For 5 years, I built the Yoshimoto cube # 2 out of sturdy cardboard with my friend Thomas Kies and experimented with it. I knew immediately that I would like to add magnets to this brilliant puzzle. Therefore, I have created with Thomas, with various magnet strengths and types of magnets, cubes in numerous dimensions.