Beach Art

I fell in love with sand as a medium and my passion turned into a mix of chic sandcastles and crop circle design. When I was in California in 2004, I had the honor of meeting Andres Amador. He was kind enough to take me to San Francisco and introduce me to this outstanding art form. Beach Art connects you to the power of the ocean, and the timing of the tides and the moon. The primordial cycles of life.

Since the beginning of history, mandalas have played an important role in religious and mystical practices around the world.
Sacred geometry is the representation of the patterns that can be found throughout us and in the world in which we live. I think it’s important for us as human beings to recognize the larger patterns that make up our reality.

I love the craftsmanship, and I especially enjoy the beach art because it is the most obvious manifestation of numbers, timing, and space that I have found. As a sand artist, I work every new and full moon on the beach discovering the rhythms of nature and the cycles of the moon and tides. I grew up in nature in the Bavarian Alps. The mountains always felt like my holy room. After moving to Los Angeles, I found my new sanctuary on the beach.