Originally born in Munich, I have been in the process of “California dreaming” in the extraordinary city of Los Angeles for 10 years. With the help of my wife and my two children, I am looking for my place in this world.

I’ve always been fascinated by the numbers and their intrinsic properties: numbers in space unfold geometry. Numbers in time give rise to frequency and vibration that we experience as music and colors. In the next step – numbers in space and time – lay the foundation for astronomy. The big stage on which we live our lives.

In addition to my travels around the world, I have found three pillars that bring peace to my mind.

Fire dance

First is the fire dance. An art form that allows someone to experience fire and movement at the same time. Fire, as one of the primordial forces and human fears, become a partner and friend. A friend, who can give, but who can also burn, depending on your exercise and dedication.

Beach Art

The second foundation for me is the beach art. Paint patterns and mandalas on the beach during low tide, and then watch them being swept away. Having the big Pacific as my partner who prepares my canvas every two weeks is one of the delights of life on the West Coast. Every full moon and new moon attracts me to the beach, and everyone is invited to join me. Write me an E-Mail and I’ll tell you about the next dates.


Cube (GeoBender® Cube)

The third and final pillar for my life came in the form of a cube. While playing with different variants of the Cubus X by Hartmut Endlich, I came across the possibility to create complex structures with the help of magnets. For the past five years, I’ve been working on improvements, on patents (that’s an L.A. thing), and constructing multiple cubes. Four cubes form one unit, 16 go the next step, and 64 together seem to become a happy family…

If you find yourself one day at the end of Route 66, email me or come visit me on the beach. I am always happy to meet new people to share what life has shared with me.

Have a wonderful day!

Andreas Hönigschmid